Elements Behavorial Health

“Receiving neurofeedback 3x/week can increase a client’s attention dramatically, making them far more likely to stay in treatment.  Although neurofeedback is not a magic bullet, people who seem ‘untreatable’ are getting better with neurofeedback.”

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A Sober Way Home

“We have seen a dramatic decrease in against staff advice discharges and our retention rates spiked. Average length of stay prior to BrainPaint® was 60 days, now average length of stay is 120 days, and we are finding substantially more clients are completing the full six months…The benefits offset the costs, specifically the increased length of stay has more than paid for it.”

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“The thing about BrainPaint® that is beyond any other system is the built in assessment tool…BrainPaint® takes all the guesswork out of neurofeedback…I can’t praise that part of the system enough.”

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Promises Treatment Centers

“There was a 46% increase in average length of stay…the only thing that changed was the addition of BrainPaint®.”

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Healthy Within

“We have so much success with binge eating disorders with neurofeedback.”

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Bill Coleman

“EEG biofeedback makes the referring therapist look great…I have never seen it not work.”

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