Polysubstance Dependence in Remission

How rehab centers have implemented neurofeedback to increase outcomes…

Professionals sharing the details and benefits.

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

at Elements Behavioral Health Centers

recovery resources“Receiving neurofeedback 3x/week can increase a client’s attention dramatically, making them far more likely to stay in treatment.  Although neurofeedback is not a magic bullet, people who seem ‘untreatable’ are getting better with neurofeedback.”

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David Sack, MDDr. Sack is President & CEO at Elements Behavioral Health.  Dr. Sack is also a reoccurring guest expert on the news.  Elements installed their first system in 2009, and now has 30 BrainPaint® systems in 15 of their mental health & rehab centers.

Elements Behavorial Health

Making Referrals Look Good

at Desert Star & in Private Practice

recovery resources “EEG biofeedback makes the referring therapist look great…I have never seen it not work.”

Bill Coleman, LMSW, TEPMr. Coleman has his own private practice in Tucson, and works with clients at Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center. Prior to his current career in psychotherapy he was a Captain in the US Army, and served as a Counterintelligence Officer.

Bill Coleman

Reducing Binge Eating

at Healthy Within

recovery resources “We have so much success with binge eating disorders with neurofeedback.”

Divya Kakaiya, PhD, CEDS, MScDr. Kakaiya founded the Healthy Within Brain Health Institute in San Diego, which specializes in eating disorders, binge eating disorder, OCD, autism and trauma.  She is also extensively published on eating disorders.  Healthy Within has (3) BrainPaint® since 2012.

Healthy Within

Reducing AMA* Rates

at Promises Malibu

recovery resources“There was a 46% increase in average length of stay…the only thing that changed was the addition of BrainPaint®.”

Shari Corbitt, PsyDDr. Corbitt was a Vice President of Promises Treatment Centers and a Clinical Director at Sierra Tucson before opening her own Intensive Outpatient Program, Awakenings, in 2013.  Her IOP has (3) BrainPaint® systems.
*AMA – Leaving treatment Against Medical Advice

Promises Treatment Centers

Comparing Neurofeedback Systems

at CRI-Help

recovery resources “The thing about BrainPaint® that is beyond any other system is the built in assessment tool…BrainPaint® takes all the guesswork out of neurofeedback…I can’t praise that part of the system enough.”

Hear the details about CRI-Help’s experience:

  • Don Theodore

Don Theodore, MFTMr. Theodore is the Program Coordinator at a public sector addiction treatment center, CRI-Help. He guided Cri-Help’s involvement in the UCLA multi-year research study. CRI-Help has been using BrainPaint® since 2007, and has extensive experience with other equipment from years prior.


Doubled Average Length of Stay

at A Sober Way Home

recovery resources “We have seen a dramatic decrease in against staff advice discharges and our retention rates spiked. Average length of stay prior to BrainPaint® was 60 days, now average length of stay is 120 days, and we are finding substantially more clients are completing the full six months…The benefits offset the costs, specifically the increased length of stay has more than paid for it.”

Hear all the details about implementation:

  • Greg Struve

Greg Struve, LACMr. Struve is the Clinical Director at A Sober Way Home, which launched its own brain center in 2011 with 10 BrainPaint® systems running 7:30am to 5:30pm.

A Sober Way Home